Florock Polymer Flooring Is The Better Choice.

Florock polymer flooring systems are durable and designed to endure tough environments such as manufacturing and aviation facilities, vehicle maintenance, industrial kitchens and warehouses. Our concrete mortars and sealers are exceptionally strong and will maintain their lustre and durability year after year. Regardless of your facility requirements, Florock has the polymer flooring system that's right for you.

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The FloroProof MVT Guarantee
High moisture levels in concrete substrates. Heard about them? Read about them? Experienced them? It's such an important issue it should never be ignored. Avoid costly flooring system delamination by ensuring this is assessed at survey stage.
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New! FloroTallic-

Offers the organic elegance of stained concrete, yet provides superior performance, more predictable results (i.e., won't reveal patched concrete areas, porous substrate, etc.), and lower overall maintenance costs (no waxing/ re-polishing required).